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Make the leap and take your business online- the possibilities are endless! You can sell just your best products online, do a niche service, or create a whole new line of products focused on your online audience.The best part when you get your business online. You can start small and add more products or list more services as you learn about managing this new area of your business.

Disadvantages of an Offline Business:

The only challenged faced by offline business is the cost involvement due to infrastructure facilities and human resources. It not just requires a lot of money but also requires continuous supervision. Any commercial space would cost a lot along with the salaries of the staff involved.

Online Business/ E-Commerce

A lot of people are making money through online businesses through various ways such as content based websites, product affiliation marketing and selling products. Today, there are great strategies in place and one of the most accredited one is the E-commerce strategy. Many people now understand the importance of doing business through web. With time, people have been able to build trust in online business and due to that, it has become the most amazing business practice invention. The online business is easy to start, however, it is difficult to succeed in a long run.

Advantages of Online Business:

Visibility is the most important advantage of Online Business as it is able to project itself globally and not just locally. It is visible to people all around the world once the website goes live.

It is cheaper and economical to start up the business online. The monthly costs are less than $25.00 per month along with whatever the marketing budget has been set. It can be anything from $25 to $100,000 per month. Many online businesses are spending millions every year in order to promote their websites.

It is easier to get customers to the website due to tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The more visitors to the website, the more customers can be created into visitors through customer service etc.

Online business gives a lot of options for start ups. They can choose to create website on service based business, content based websites, selling affiliate products etc, selling books, clothes, electronics, scrap etc.

Online business is open 24 hours a day and sometimes it is even 24/7 welcoming income flow all through the year. It is an important advantage of an online business. Internet gives great opportunities to reduce costs and maximize profits and that’s the reason more and more companies are shutting down their offline businesses and getting into online businesses.

Disadvantages of an Online Business

There are many people who want to become rich quick and when it comes to starting up a business, online business comes to their mind. Millions of people have made a lot of money through online business but the essence of becoming rich is through hard work. The most successful internet entrepreneurs have two things in common, first, they are strategic in their work with analytical mind and second, they worked hard during the time of start up.

The other disadvantage of having an online business is too many distractions. It is easier to get lost in the options available to entrepreneurs. It is important to select something which is profitable and unique. It is advisable not to hop from one business to another.

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