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Etranz is professionally engaged in providing a full range of services related to business and wholesale delivery of goods from China and Hong Kong.
We employ the most competent specialists with extensive practical experience in implementing business projects and organizing the delivery of goods from China. Our employees are well versed in the specifics of cooperation with companies from the Asia-Pacific region and are fluent in the language.

The mission of Etranz is all-round assistance to the business of the CIS countries in China and Hong Kong — both in organizational matters and in legal matters. In the largest business, financial and industrial centers of China — Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, there are offices of our partners, professional lawyers who help us in providing a full range of services throughout the country

Why us?

  • we have extensive experience in wholesale delivery of goods
  • we know all the subtleties of interaction in the business
  • environment of the PRC
  • we have comprehensive knowledge of the legislation and law
  • enforcement practice of China and Hong Kong
  • at the request of the client, we carry out cooperation in English.









Scheme of work

Customer order

Search for goods and supplier in China according to customer specification
Checking the reliability of the manufacturer / seller,
For those who want to trade in Chinese-made goods, the urgent task is to find reliable suppliers. Searching for suppliers on your own via the Internet often turns into all sorts of troubles, since you cannot be completely sure of the quality of the products. Therefore, it is better to contact specialized companies that provide assistance in doing business with China.

How is information collected about suppliers from China
The Etranz company searches for the product you need in the Chinese market. We will collect and provide the information you are interested in about the supplier, as well as advise on the reliability and specifics of cooperation with him. To do this, we will ask you to submit a request indicating the requirements that the desired product must meet. In accordance with the stated search criteria, our company researches the supplier market and will present a report that will contain:

  • information about three to five manufacturers, suppliers (name and contact details)
  • offered FOB prices of goods
  • offered terms of payment, manufacturing of goods
    Optionally, you can order a trial delivery of product samples before concluding a contract for wholesale supplies.

Conclusion of a contract

At this stage it is important: To find out how clearly the customer understands what exactly he wants to find — a product or a service. Determine the criteria for selection (price, quality, production and delivery time, authenticity to available samples). It is advisable for the customer to fill out a questionnaire indicating their priorities. Get the most detailed description of what we are looking for. Photos, real samples, technical data can help here. Agree on a delivery scheme. Agree with the customer on additional parameters, response time and responsibility. For example, if the speed of decision making affects the final cost of a product, we need to define our authority. Agree with the customer the stages and terms of the services. Usually this stage takes 2-3 days and ends with the documentary registration of mutual obligations.

Placing an order with a factory

At this stage it is necessary:

  • if the goods are transported to our company — make sure that this delivery complies with the terms of the existing contract with the contract holder; if necessary — make additions to the existing contract or make a new one (having issued the transaction passport in advance);
  • draw up a quality contract with the supplier, ask to send the original in paper form by mail;
  • draw up a requirement for the manufacturer for the product, where, according to the points, organize all the points that were previously negotiated with them. Sign the same document symmetrically with the Belarusian customer;
  • negotiate with the manufacturer the issues of registration of shipping documents;
  • prescribe in the requirement to the manufacturer the period of readiness of the goods and responsibility for its violation;
  • agree in advance with the forwarder (especially if it is necessary to carry the goods «by assembly»);
    This stage usually takes 2-3 business days.

Quality control and shipment

If the previous points are correctly followed and all the points are agreed with the manufacturers, there should be no problems at this stage. But you need to keep in mind:

  • In some cases, it may take a long time until all conditions are agreed, and the goods are produced and prepared for shipment. The cost of transportation changes quite often (as a rule, coefficients affecting the cost are approved at the beginning of each month), therefore it is necessary to agree with the customer on a specific date for the release of the goods and the cost of transportation.
  • manufacturers, as a rule, themselves provide photographs of the goods ready for shipment and take pictures of the moment of loading. If this is not enough, you can make an additional inspection of the finished product and control the loading. It costs some money and is negotiated in advance.
  • the time of the goods in transit (especially for sea transportation) is a variable value that can vary from 40 to 60 days. This must be taken into account when planning volumes. The most accurate shipping lines, in our experience, are also the most expensive, so it is necessary to prioritize.
  • If it is possible to agree with manufacturers on a «transport delay» (this is relevant only for sea transportation), i.e. the final payment for the goods while it is in transit, you must remember the following. Until they receive the money on their account, Chinese suppliers will not provide the documents (bill of lading or telex release) that are required to receive the cargo at the port. It usually takes several days to send money.

Delivery, certification, customs clearance and delivery to the client’s warehouse

If the goods are imported through our company, all customs procedures are carried out by our specialists. In case of import directly to the customer, our specialists will help to collect documents for customs clearance in accordance with the requirements of Belarusian legislation.
Thus, the total turnkey transaction period takes from 2.5 months, which must be taken into account when planning seasonal goods.

Payment for services rendered.
New product orders

Types of delivery

Air deliveries

Any type of delivery of goods from China from manufacturer to customer has both a lot of advantages and certain disadvantages. Air delivery from China is the fastest of the types of delivery of goods from China.

Train deliveries

Transportation of goods by rail is very economical and provides great opportunities for the transportation of large enough objects. Almost all land transport loses in terms of its carrying capacity to railway transport.

Sea deliveries

Sea freight is the best way to deliver goods between continents. Transportation can be containerized, barge transportation, pillowcase transportation. Low cost of shipping by sea allows you to reduce the cost of shipping.

Combined deliveries

Delivery of cargo by various combinations of transport: sea, air, train and / or road.

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